Reading Becomes Too Easy

In reading, a lonely quiet concert is given to our minds; all our mental faculties will be present in this symphonic exaltation.
Stephane Mallarme-poet

I have been thinking about getting an e-reader. So far it has not progressed past the research stage. Because of the research, anything having to do with e-readers catches my eye. In an article in today’s Mail Online, was research information on e-readers making it harder to remember what one reads because the print is so clear.

My first reaction was that it was a load of crap, but after reading the entire article . . . I wonder. I found the article interesting because it postulates that the easier the reading, the faster the eye and mind pass over it. The study used harder to read fonts and found retention was higher. Apparently, when the eyes slow down the brain figures the information coming in is important and places it in a better storage area.

As a compulsive reader, I tend to read very fast. That is okay when reading for pleasure, but for details, statistics, names or dates I may want to remember and blog about later, I find I pass over them too quickly to truly commit them to memory. It would it be interesting if publishers (in e-book or paper format) changed up the fonts on the critical, you-may-be-tested-on-this, information. It would appear to be a win/win situation. If it works, more information is retained, if not, no harm done. I would volunteer to be a test subject.

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