Hi Ho Silver, Away

It is better to travel well than to arrive.

For those a little dubious on the practicality of electric cars, there is no longer any need to be dubious. They suck. A British journalist took it upon himself to prove that battery-powered cars are practical. He felt his result while driving from London to Edinburgh proved that they are: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-12189321.

Not everyone felt that way: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/comment/columnists/christopherbooker/8262095/London-to-Edinburgh-by-electric-car-it-was-quicker-by-stagecoach.html and http://dailybayonet.com/?p=7785.

The above Telegraph’s article comparing it to a stagecoach caught my eye. When it takes four battery-powered days to go 400 miles at the posted speed limit on sleek highways, and it only took two days to make the trip by stagecoach over dirt roads, it does not exactly seem like the battery-powered car is the ideal vacation vehicle.

A battery-powered car might be an okay for a second vehicle for a large upper-class family with no financial problems; it would be a dismal failure for a one-car family. By the way, the speed of the good, old American Pony Express was much faster, but still slow compared to fossil fuel vehicles.

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  1. If i had a company that made cars i’d make cars that are solar charged..and do it at a cost that does not exceed the cost of a new Ford or Chevy..( Do something that saves people money for a change) Electric cars won’t last…the cost of the car alone is a turn off. Let alone a even higher electric bill..i give them people enough of my money. Solar cars will sell simply because they are charged by the Sun..A real Freedom we still have. and of course it can have gasoline back up just like the electric cars say they do…

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