Climate Challenge

The danger sensation is exciting. The challenge is to find new dangers.
Ayrton Senna-race car driver

No, “Climate Challenge” is not a new game show. It is the latest incarnation of, climate change, global warming, climate change (yes, we have gone through climate change twice), global climate disruption, and now, new and improved “climate challenge.” For some reason, we the people are too stupid to understand the threat of the constantly changing climate. Rather than confuse us with data, which does not exist or is so tenuous as to be laughable, the warmists have turned the whole thing over to the ad-men to prove their case.

Since the advent of newspaper, radio and television, the advertisement marketers have honed their craft. In the early days, things were simple. One only needed to go from Tide, to New Tide, to New and Improved Tide, to New and Improved Tide with a Springtime Fresh Scent, ad infinitum. The ladies of the households, who controlled the purse strings, were always looking for something to not only make their lives easier, but to improve the lot of their families.

That is all well and good, but when anthropogenic global warming came along, the problem was no longer how to make it sound attractive, it was to make it sound frightening and still make people want to buy into it. So how does one sell frightening? Ah, there is the rub, because it must be sold at great expense to a reluctant buyer.

A percentage of the population enjoys horror movies. It is easy to sell frightening to them, at a few dollars a showing, but what about the rest of the population. The early attempts to list the horrors of global warming lost all their meaning when extremists blamed everything on it (see an ongoing list of over 800 items, with links to publications, at Many might be swayed by listing the ingredients and showing the proof, but when the ingredients are from a 180-year-old list, which is routinely modified with top-secret computations, and mixed within a computer program to pour out a proof that cannot be replicated, what then?

Then the only recourse is to keep changing the name in hopes that one of them resonates enough for the consumers to overlook the lack of data. That is the real “climate challenge.” Good luck with that.

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