Best Global Warming Blog Heading of the Year

Another Reason to Love Global Warming: Great Tits Out Earlier in the Year

Just when one thought that the study of global warming was getting dull because almost everything has been blamed on it, the above headline appears in the World Climate Report blog. Reading the first couple of paragraphs of the blog would make one think it is about global cooling because it is about both great tits and blue tits. We have all been admonished by our mothers about the danger of staying outside in the cold until we turn blue, but why would tits be blue?

A couple of excerpts from the blog make it sound even more interesting:

. . . a group of scientists led by Dr. Erik Matthysen from the University of Antwerp in Belgium set out to study the tits up close and personal . . .


. . . the team of scientists carefully handled as many young tits as possible . . .

Although you can click on the headline to read the blog, do not expect any pictures of scantily clad females, it is about a family of birds identified as the Parus major (the great tit) and Cyanistes caeruleus (the blue tit).

Oh well, you have to admit it is an interesting blog heading, and if you are a member of the Audubon Society, it may hold your interest.

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