Where is the outrage?

However, don’t let these statistics mislead you, gang violence is not limited to California and or big urban areas – that might have been true a while ago but it is no longer the case today.
Bob Filner-politician

There is an interesting parallel between Islamic violence, on a world level, and black and Hispanic violence, on a local level. No, the motivation is not the same; the parallel is in the reaction of the good people in the local ethnic groups.

The solution in both cases would seem to be simple. With the involvement of the good people, those opposed and appalled by what their brethren are doing, the violence would soon be eliminated. There are no secrets in tight knit communities, be they Islamic, black or Hispanic. Someone always knows who had done, is doing, or is going to do, something. Who planted the bomb or who shot the kid down the street: someone in the good community always knows the truth. Why do they not speak up? Why do they not stop the slaughter?

Only within the last few months, have I heard anyone comment on this truth relative to Islam, and it had to be from Bill O’Reilly. Several times since the Juan Williams firing, he has asked where the good Islamists are, the ones protesting radical Islam. Where are the good Islamists who are pointing out the terrorists? The answer is, we do not know. While it is a mathematical certainty such people exist, and are working with anti-terrorist organizations, where is the public outcry? Is it fear that stays them? Is it apathy? Is it a “let someone else do it” attitude?

In the black and Hispanic communities, there are only the preachers speaking out. They are tired of the slaughter in their neighborhoods, tired of presiding at the funerals and tired of comforting the bereaved. Where is the community outrage? The only show of force is usually in the form of a candle light vigil at the site of another drive-by shooting. There is no outrage. There are no masses calling the police with tips and clues. Instead, there is silence. It is more politically correct to protect the gangsters from the white police than stop the killing. The default position is, “let the gangbangers kill each other off.” It doesn’t matter . . . until their son or daughter is caught in the crossfire. Then they want to know why the police did not stop it before it came to their door.

Perhaps, some day in the future, this protect-your-own mentality will be overwhelmed by the reality of the horror these evil groups cause. Until that day, the whites will stay in their comfortable neighborhoods, keep their guns close, remain vigilant and demand police action every time graffiti appears on a wall near their house. Their Neighborhood Watches will call in every suspicious car or person. They will sleep without being awakened by gunfire.

For some, there is still hope.

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