You lost

Good for you, you have a heart, you can be a liberal. Now, couple your heart with your brain, and you can be a conservative.
Glenn Beck

Okay, I was wrong on my prediction. Obviously, I was overly optimistic on the number of Democrats that would stay home rather than vote their grandchildren into poverty. For that, I must apologize.

I was raised to think for my self; and my law enforcement background taught me to investigate and research. I still do not understand why anyone would vote against his or her own best interest, and anyone who researched knows that is where President Obama is taking us.

When I went to the polls on November 2nd, I was the best informed voter of any time in my life. Probable for the first time in my life, I really understood the issues. I had investigated and researched, but I still underestimated the Democrat turnout.

My only disappointment was in the Republican’s inability to take over leadership of the Senate. I mean, really, Harry Reed maintained his seat? Who could have predicted that?

With that said, conservatives picked up more congressional seats than any time since 1946—the year I was born. That is not bad.

The change in the Democrat’s tone since the election has not been surprising. Now it is time for everyone to work together. Where was that tone when the Republicans were trying to make suggestions to the Obamacare bill? President Obama summed it up back then better than anything else I have ever heard. He said, “There are consequences for elections, I won.”

Well, Mr. President, you were right. There are consequences for elections. You lost. Now you need everyone to work together. Right . . . that ain’t happening. There are a couple of things you should understand by now. Number one is that this vote, this massive swing in House control, the largest since 1946, was the little people saying enough to your far left, dare I say Socialist, programs. Number two, those just elected into the House know they are on probation. They are there to put the stops on your programs. If they fail to do it, they will be removed after one term. The little people will find someone who will stop them.

Mr. President, you pushed the envelope. Because of your majority in the House and Senate, you managed to push it way, way too far. You had two years before a protest vote could be cast. That will not happen again. The protest vote has now been cast, and I was not the only conservative who was better informed in the polling booth. You awakened the silent majority, and they are now watching your every move; yours and the moves of everyone they just elected.

Do not expect cooperation from the conservative Republicans, but please continue to wheel and deal with the Republicans-in-name-name-only (RINOS). The conservatives will appreciate any help you can give in smoking them out before the next election.

There are consequences for elections, Mr. President. You lost.

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