Politically correct firing, part 2

This is the first time I have used a quote twice, but it is perfect for this politically correct firing.

Being Politically Correct means always having to say you’re sorry.
Charles Osgood

I received a response to my rant https://stlouisooz.wordpress.com/2010/10/21/politically-correct-firing/ about the firing of Juan Williams from National Public Radio (NPR). Here it is.

Thank you for your thoughts about NPR’s termination of Juan Williams. NPR Ombudsman Alicia Shepard wrote this column in response to listener concerns: NPR’s Firing of Juan Williams Was Poorly Handled.  Please add to the discussion by posting your comments at the end of the blog.

Many of you have written or called saying you will no longer support public radio. Public radio is more than NPR. If you like Car Talk, Fresh Air, Marketplace, On Point, On the Media, This American Life, the BBC or Prairie Home Companion, then please support your local station. NPR is not responsible for any of those programs and your station needs help to pay for them.

Thanks for taking the time to write, your thoughts have been passed on to the proper folks in charge. Please sign up for the Ombudsman weekly newsletter. Visit www.npr.org/ombudsman and enter your email address in the bucket on the right-hand side.

Office of the Ombudsman

This was after the firing CEO (sorry, I do not have a link) made a formal apology, not for the firing, but for the uproar it has caused.

I immediately typed my response to their response. Again, I ran into a problem when I clicked the above link. I waited two hours and the link never opened. I tried again and it opened immediately—my first try must have been while everyone else was answering their form letter.

This is what I sent them.

I guess I’m sorry (this is my apology, and it is just as good as NPR’s) that public radio is more than NPR. I’m a guy who quit giving to United Way when they decided that the Boy Scouts of America would be removed from their list until they allow gay scout leaders. I quit giving to anything having to do with “Green” when 10/10 decided to blow peoples’ heads off (ha ha, it was so funny.)

It is time that the managements of organizations realize that there is a penalty to be paid for being stupid, and there can be collateral damage to those affiliated with them. If Car Talk, Fresh Air, Marketplace, On Point, On the Media, This American Life, the BBC or Prairie Home Companion loses donations and public (tax) funding due to the stupidity of NPR, so be it. I have already written my congressional representatives about my desire that no more tax money go to Public Radio. I will be writing their November 2nd replacements too.

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