Judith Curry’s transformation

The answer must be in the narrative of my transition from a “high priestess of global warming” to engagement with skeptics and a critic of the IPCC.

Judith Curry-climatologist

Watts Up With That (WUWT) http://wattsupwiththat.com/ has returned Judith Curry to her science roots.

Who is Judith Curry? She is Dr. Judith Curry (Bachelor of Science—cum laude—in geography; her doctorate is in geophysical sciences). By occupation, she is a climatologist and Chair of the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

As a regular reader of WUWT, I first learned about Judith Curry when she, as a global warming proponent, took the challenge to explain the consensus view. Now, WUWT always welcomes the posts of those with opposing views, and those who do are treated politely; however, Dr. Curry is a world-class climatologist, and of much higher stature than most warmers willing to face the comments from WUWT readers. The WUWT readers are quick to point out weaknesses in the experts postings, and most experts do not like that.

Dr. Curry was a breath of fresh air. She posted her side of the issue with poise and grace. She was amazingly articulate, making complicated scientific principles simple enough for the non-scientists to follow. The most refreshing thing was her reading of the comments and answering the questions posed. At least, she did the best she could.

Sometimes, when the commenters were asking for references, showing the proof of her statements, she could not readily come up with them. Even then, she was respectful, admitting she would have to do some homework.

She did her homework and came back to WUWT with follow-up postings, but these postings were not as positive on global warming as her earlier ones. Each posting showed more and more doubt. To her additional credit, she created her own blog http://judithcurry.com/ in order to focus on the weaknesses of some of the global warming proofs.

Everything has now culminated in her latest blog, “Heresy and the creation of monsters,” http://judithcurry.com/2010/10/25/heresy-and-the-creation-of-monsters/. The blog is creating a sensation because it points out her fall from grace; going from

a “high priestess of global warming” to engagement with skeptics and a critic of the IPCC.

Her blog is a wonderful read. It shows what happens when a real scientist stops listening to the IPCC and checks the actual observations instead of parroting the Global Climate Models.

The times are changing. Global warming/climate change/climate disruption is dissolving like the clouds after a summer shower. Soon we will be able to redirect the billions of dollars wasted on a nonexistent climate disaster.

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