Politically correct firing

Being Politically Correct means always having to say you’re sorry.
Charles Osgood-journalist

I see on AOL News where Juan Williams has been fired by National Public Radio (NPR) for something he said on the Bill O’Reilly show. For those who do not listen to Bill O’Reilly, Juan was a regular on the show. Juan is a liberal Democrat, and he happens to be an African-American—not that his race has anything to do with his being fired.

For the last couple of days, O’Reilly has been involved in a controversy over politically correctness. He said on the View (whatever that is) that Muslims attacked us on 9/11. Because he did not include the politically correct word “extremists” to his statement, it was enough to get two of the View hosts to walk off the stage. The debate has been heated every since.

When Juan appeared on O’Reilly’s show, talking about the incident on the View, he admitted that he gets nervous when boarding a plane with people in Muslim garb. For this statement, he was fired!

This is political correctness running amok. To fire a man for telling the truth, for daring to say aloud what probably 90% of the United States population feels, is ridiculous.

I watch O’Reilly, and I have seen Juan Williams on the show many times. While Juan is a liberal, and I disagree with most of his positions, he gives constant, articulate, well thought out counterpoints to O’Reilly’s conservatism. He keeps the show fair and balanced, thereby making it more enjoyable.

The NPR Ombudsman said that they received 378 email complaints against Williams in the last year. Perhaps they should have fired him for that. Any radio personality who cannot generate more than a tad over a complaint a day is not doing his/her job. I wonder how many Rush Limbaugh gets.

I was so outraged over the “fair” liberals, firing someone for not being politically correct, I jotted off an angry email to NPR. The problem was, I could not send it. I waited for over twenty minutes for their “Contact us” page to open on the computer. When it didn’t open, I clicked on “Contact the Ombudsman.” Nothing happened. It took another twenty minutes before the contact page finally opened. I pasted in my angry note and hit send. Again, nothing happened. It is still waiting to be sent. Somehow, I think the NPR email server is melting down. I believe they are in the process of receiving somewhat more than 378 emails about Juan Williams, but those emails are not supporting his firing.

O’Reilly should be interesting tonight. I believe NPR is about to learn something about political correctness. By the way, there is one red button on the Contact the Ombudsman page. It says “Donate.” I do not believe it will be getting much use for a while.

I’m still waiting for my email to go out.


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