The humor of 10:10: No pressure

I love horror movies because they’re really fun. They tap into those wonderful primal emotions.
Margot Kidder—actress

I have not previously blogged about the 10:10 No pressure film because I thought it was being sufficiently covered on the blogosphere. According to the 10:10 organization, the film was supposed to be humorous. I guess one might say it fell somewhat flat in its humor. It has managed to outrage a large majority of those who have seen it. With a little luck, it may single handedly set the Green movement back about 20 years.

After reading the comments to the 10:10 blogs in Watts up with that, (Most links to the film have been disabled, but if you should want to see it, the last one still has an active link as I am writing this.) I did find some humor, not in the film, but in the comments.

In just a quick scan, I found the following critiques to the film. There are many, many more.


It appears that the 10:10 organization has acquired 20:20 hindsight.

Red Meat message

“Hey! Hey! Ten-ten day, how many kids did you blow away?”

Welcome everyone, sorry our first episode blew up on us, but onward and upward.

On reflection, I found it Hitlarious.

Intolerance, thy name is environmentalism.

“Environmental snuff films.”

An Inconvenient Spoof

An Inconvenient Gore


Whoooooeeee they blowed up real good!

“Environmental campaigners axe gory film”

No pressuregate?

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