Don’t interrupt too soon

Gentlemen, when the enemy is committed to a mistake, we must not interrupt him too soon.
Horatio Nelson-British Admiral

The pundits are having a field day with Tea Party’s candidate wins in the primaries. According to them, the Tea-Party/Conservatives/Republicans have thrown away their chance to take over the Senate by selecting candidates who cannot win. Has anyone noticed that since the spontaneous eruption of the Tea-Party movement, the pundits have been consistently wrong about them?

First, the Tea Party was a few right-wing kooks causing trouble at town hall meetings. When more and more of them started showing up, they were religious fanatics, way too fringe to amount to anything. Next, they were racists, shouting racial expletives. When not one recording of said expletives could be located, they became an all white organization, spurning African-Americans, Latinos and Asians. When African-Americans, Latinos and Asians were speaking in their meetings, pointed out in their marches and endorsed in primaries, they were still too radical to attract enough members to accomplish anything.

Then came the primaries. Somehow, the candidates of this fringe/kook/racist unorganized organization won. Now, those pundits, who have been wrong on every front, absolutely know that the Tea Party has defeated its conservative agenda by electing primary candidates who cannot win in the general election.

Admiral Nelson said it well: Gentlemen, when the enemy is committed to a mistake, we must not interrupt him too soon.

It will probably not be until after the general election that the pundits find out what a true grassroots organization is. Step by step, they have underestimated the Tea-Party. The last step will be in November. Then the Tea Party will interrupt.

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