Burning books

Whenever books are burned, men also in the end are burned.
Heinrich Heine-poet

Dove World Outreach. What a curious name for a church whose pastor wants to burn the Koran on the anniversary of the attack on the World Trade Center. That and make September 11  national-burn-the-Koran day. The pastor, Terry Jones, and many of his Gainesville, Florida, congregation wear guns for their protection. While I certainly agree with right to possess and carry firearms, I have a problem the name Dove World Outreach. One might think Hawk World Outreach more appropriate. Not because of the firearms, that is a basic Constitutional right, but because of the intent to burn the Koran.

Jones says that burning the Koran is what Jesus would do. Really? I have to admit, I do not have any idea what Jesus would do. I am not one to put words in the mouth of Jesus, but I do know that burning books is always wrong. Caesar caused the burning of the Library of Alexandria (at least it was not intentional), Hitler burned books with “unGerman” ideas, and “good people” burned Harry Potter books because they feared their children’s interest in witchcraft.

Why fear books? It is the purpose of books to appeal to every interest, to contain mankind’s collected knowledge and record our history. Many times attempts have been made to change history by burning books. Sometimes it even worked, but every time it was knowledge lost and humanity’s loss. Even the books a normal person finds objectionable reveal something of the human psyche, something worthy of study: good, bad or ugly. One might notice that the Koran is the religious book of Islam, and Islam has billions of adherents; normal people who do not find it objectionable.

While I feel we must do what we can to point out the evils of radical Islam, protest it, battle it, and go to war against it, but burning books is wrong.

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