What if?

Being elected to Congress is regarded as being sent on a looting raid for one’s friends.
George Will-journalist

What if all bills had to be written in language easily understood by a person with a high school education.

What if all bills had to be single-subject bills? No pork inserted, no school issues in a healthcare bills, no gun control in finance bills, etc.

What if the actual writers (not the sponsors) of a bill had to be listed by name, occupation and all employers?

What if it was grounds for impeachment for a member of Congress to vote for, or against, any bill that they could not demonstrably prove they had read? A vote of “Present, bill not read” could be allowed, but all “Present, bill not read” votes would have to be featured prominently in all campaign ads.

What if Congress only salary increase was a cost of living raise on the years it produced a balanced budget, and their salary was cut 5% each year it failed to do so?

What if an ethics violation/convection resulted in removal from elected office, banishment from ever running for elected office again, never working for an elected official, never working in election campaigns or for PACs?

What if Congress lost their Cadillac health insurance plan, and they (along with their families and their staff) were required to use the plan they passed for rest of the American people.

What if Congresses’ only government-sponsored retirement program was Social Security?

What if Congress had to live under all the same laws they pass for the citizens?

Are there any you would like to add?

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