It is not my fault

We are talking about predictable recurring flooding.
Robert A. Brady-politician

Have you noticed how everything negative is someone else’s fault? It can be anything. On a personal level, it is things like: I’m an alcoholic, it is genetic. It’s my parents fault. I’m a child molester, a rapist or a murderer. It’s not my fault; I was abused as a child. I can’t read or write; I went to a poor school district. It is the school district’s fault. I can’t get a good job; my parents didn’t make me go to school. It’s their fault.

Why is it there is never a mention that, while alcoholism is considered a disease, there are millions of siblings to alcoholics that do not become alcoholics; they had a choice. For every criminal monster, there are thousands who came from as bad or worse backgrounds and lead normal lives. For every dead-end child who dropped out of a poor school, there are many who completed their education in that same school and became successful.

On a larger level, recently we heard about those, whose houses were wiped out in hurricane Katrina, blaming Bush, blaming the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and blaming the Army Core of Engineers. They are the ones responsible for those buying or building a house on what is essentially a flood plain, on a Gulf coast subject to huge storms, and protected only by a manmade levee. It is not their fault. Whom do they sue for reparations? There must be some organization with deep pockets responsible. They tried to sue big oil. Go figure.

Now we have flooding in Pakistan. Whom shall we blame? It cannot be an act of nature. It must someone with deep pockets. Perhaps the CO2, emitted from the power plants of the wealthy countries, caused the global warming, which caused the weather-wierding, which caused the storms, which caused the flooding. Or, maybe it is the coal, natural gas and oil companies which supplied the fuel to those power plants who are responsible. How about all of the above? Whom do they sue for reparations?

I feel sorry for those people who have been flooded out of their homes. I really do, and I do not know how their homes are located in relation to rivers and streams, but I know as populations grow, people tend to build where there is space available. If the available space is in an area that has flooded anytime in the past, it can happen again. Building a house in a location susceptible to flooding, even if it is a once in a thousand years event, is a disaster waiting to happen. If one wants to look for fault, it is only necessary to look at the faulty reasoning leading up buying a house, or constructing one, on such a location.

It not the fault of CO2, it not the fault of power plants, it not the fault of big oil, and it is not my fault. Do not ask me to pay for it.

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