Mosque near ground zero

Yes, my life is a life of combat; I can say that this has never stopped for a single instant. It is a combat that started for me at the age of 16. I’m 90 years old now, and my motivation hasn’t changed; it’s the same fervour that drives me.
Ahmed Ben Bella-politician

I find myself in an unusual position today. I have to agree with something President Obama said. Well, I, along with 61% of those in a Fox News Poll Click link, believe that Imam Feisal Abdul Raufis has a constitutional right to put a mosque near ground zero of the 9/11 attack. I also agree with the 64% of those polled who think it is the wrong thing to do.

I believe this Imam is mocking us. According to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary, to mock is defined as to treat with contempt or ridicule. How dare this Imam place us in this unnecessary quandary of honoring the Constitution and dishonoring those who died in an extremist Muslim attack, or dishonoring the Constitution and honoring those who died in an extremist Muslim attack.

This is the equivalent to the Reverend Fred Phelps’ Westboro Baptist Church (the one that pickets the funerals of our heroes, killed fighting radical Islam, and says they died as God’s punishment for homosexuality) deciding to build a church next to the Arlington National Cemetery. That too would be Constitutional, but both would be in-your-face monuments to offensive extremist views. I should note that the Westboro Baptist Church is not affiliated with any other Baptist church or organization; we cannot be as sure of the affiliations to the purposed mosque. Imam Feisal Abdul Raufis refuses to divulge the source of the millions of dollars needed for the building of the mosque. Why is that?

I could be wrong about Imam Feisal Abdul Raufis, and he is in a historically unique position to prove I am wrong. He claims Islam is the religion of peace. He says the mosque will improve relations between Muslims and non-Muslims. He can make this statement absolutely true, be a hero to America, and prove me wrong all at the same time, simply by moving the location of the mosque a mile or so away. Let us see if his brand of Islam equates to the religion of peace and seeks to improve Muslim/non-Muslim relations, because a mosque adjacent to ground zero can do nothing but exacerbate Muslim/non-Muslim relations.

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  1. I have to agree, all people are free and free to do what they wish within the boundaries of the law. But in the interest of peace and understanding why don’t they just move the Mosque a few blocks away. I am sure the city could swop some land (deeds) so that they can difuse the situations.

    I equate it to German Nazi’s wanting to build a community next to the tomb of the unknown soldier. Why not let the KKK build a chuch nect to Martin Luther Kings grave.

    Surely as a community og God/Islam they could just negotiate to build the Mosque 3 blocks from Ground Zero.

    Oh andf I am not an American but a proud to be British.

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