Time for the Senate to cowboy up

I am not unconscious of the persuasive power exerted by these considerations to drag men along in the current; but I am not at liberty to travel that road.
Benjamin F. Wade-Senator

The Environmental Protective Agency (EPA) has rejected the petitions to reverse its decision to treat CO2 as a pollutant (Click link). Now the EPA will begin regulating entities that release CO2. This is due directly to the failure of the Senate to do its job.

President Obama wanted a cap-and-tax bill, not to control CO2, it does not need controlling, but to finance his megalomania and socialists dreams. Of course Nancy Pelosi’s Democrat majority was able to push a bill through the House of Representatives giving Obama everything he wants.

Then, a slowly awaking citizenship started realizing the difference between what the bill would actually do (nothing — it would not lower the atmospheric CO2 concentration even one part per million – actually, CO2 will continue rising) and what it will cost. They began realizing that when Obama said, “energy costs would skyrocket,” he meant exactly what he said. When they heard that it would destroy the economies of coal-producing states, and the hundreds of thousands of jobs that would be lost due to crippling regulation and those skyrocketing costs, they woke up completely and began writing their senators. They emailed, they called and they showed up at town hall meetings. They made it clear that they wanted no part of cap-and-tax.

To top it off, the fear of CO2 legislation caused the public to begin reading up on the CO2 threat. They discovered that huge portions of the IPCC’s recommendations to policy makers (pushing for cap-and-tax) were grounded in non-peer reviewed articles from environmental agencies with no scientific background. Others were from outright junk science. Still more were from scientists who refuse to release their taxpayer owned research so that attempts could be made to duplicate it. And finally from computer models specifically designed to show that CO2 released through human activities is the only possible cause of global warming. Those computer models do not come close to agreeing with each other, much less real world observations.

Because of this, the senators know that only their hard-core constituents, those who believe in the infallibility of Obama and care about nothing else, or those who have not bothered to study up on the CO2 “crisis,” would risk placing their name on a cap-and-tax bill. Instead, they did nothing. Doing nothing allowed Obama to hand CO2 enforcement to the unelected officials in the EPA.

The early recipients of the EPA’s attention will be the major electrical power generators using coal or natural gas. It will take them a while to get down to the lesser offenders, like the manufacturing plants and small business employing millions of those still employed in these difficult economic times. However, America’s citizens will not have to wait for the layoffs from those jobs to feel the EPA’s impact. The rise in the utility rates will not take long, although the skyrocketing rise may take a few years, the EPA will light the fuse soon.

At present, there is no indication that the EPA would ever attempt to place any regulation on individuals for the CO2 they exhale. However, if the EPA can control power plant emissions, vehicle emissions, agricultural emissions and lawn mower emissions, there is nothing to stop them from controlling bovine emissions or even human emissions. Such is the door that the Senate has opened.

What will it take to stop this insanity? To begin with, our elected officials, both in the House and the Senate need to do a little basic study on issues important to the future of the country. If “doing the right thing,” because some eco-nut says it is the right thing, is going to destroy the country, it probably is not the right thing. It is like chess; one must think a few moves ahead. Ask the big question: what are the unintended consequences? Another question one might ask: What is the best for the country? It may not be what is best for Obama’s dream of a socialist utopia. A final question one might ask: What do the people want?

Once those questions are answered, the House and the Senate should realize that the way to defuse the EPA is with a law that takes all the EPA’s power away except for narrow areas where they are highly controlled by the elected House and Senate. No cap-and-tax was ever needed.

As for the voting public, we need to ask those running for office how they would vote for important issues like cap-and-tax, healthcare, future stimulus packages, financial regulations that specifically exclude Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and the control of illegal aliens.

Everyone should vote, but become an educated consumer. Know you are voting for what you believe. Neither the Democratic nor the Republican parties are anything like they were in years gone by. Anyone looking for a Kennedy Democrat or a Reagan Republican will look long and hard to find a candidate espousing those views. Everyone should think of the issues they feel are important to them, write them down and see which candidates come closest to matching them. That is what it takes to be an informed consumer.

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