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An able, disinterested, public-spirited press, with trained intelligence to know the right and courage to do it, can preserve that public virtue without which popular government is a sham and a mockery.
Joseph Pulitzer-publisher

I am definitely confused by a front-page article in the Post-Dispatch on 7/24/10. I always expect the Post-Dispatch to be extremely liberally biased, but the article on the campaign cash sources for Roy Blunt and Robin Carnahan threw me off track.

While the British Petroleum oil spill is causing many to view oil companies somewhat negatively, the polls show that most Americans want the drilling to continue in the Gulf of Mexico. For all that goes, they want drilling opened up all over the United States. That is because most common citizens realize that very little oil is used in the generation of electricity (no matter how bad Obama wants everyone to believe otherwise and tries to link it to cap-and-trade bill), but it is a vital necessity for the car-driving public.

I am sure the article was supposed to be positive for Carnahan and negative for Blunt; however, I believe the P-D must have missed those polls. The whole crux of the article is that Roy Blunt is receiving much of his campaign money from dirty old oil companies, while Robin Carnahan is receiving hers from renewable energy companies and labor unions.

Unfortunately for the Post-Dispatch, more and more people are realizing that renewable energy will not be will not be replacing fossil fuels anytime soon. Renewable energy combines the traits of unreliability and great expense. If not for tax-dollar subsidies, no privately held renewable energy company could hope to live in a competitive market. It needs massive federal funding and the passage of cap-and-tax bill to raise the cost of fossil fuels before it can hope to become competitive. Of course, the subsidizing taxpayers will still not appreciate the intrinsic blackouts and brownouts just so renewable energy can show that profit.

So why is the Post-Dispatch wasting top-of-the-fold front-page space, (on something that should maybe be somewhere on page 9) on an article about Senate candidates’ funding sources? I believe they are trying to smear Blunt with his attachment to an inexpensive, reliable, vital fuel source, while trying to enhance Carnahan by her attachment to an expensive, unreliable energy source.

Is it possible the Post-Dispatch has decided to start leaning right? Yeah, right.

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