The unending pandemic

Think off-center.
George Carlin-comedian

Have you noticed the ill effects of the H1N1 flu pandemic lately? Yep, it is still raging. Either that or some flu serum manufacturer still has not sold enough if its vaccine to pay off the bigwigs at the World Health Organization (WHO) for calling it a pandemic in the first place.

WHO actually had to change the definition of pandemic in order to call H1N1 a pandemic, and then they pushed it with scare news releases of a disproportionate number of children and young adults dying in order to get anyone to use the vaccine.

They did not mention that, in an average year, somewhere between 30,000 and 40,000 people die in the United States alone due to the flu de jure, what ever its genesis. According to a 7/21/10, article in Planet Arc (Click link), the total death toll (in the whole world) attributed to N1H1 is 18,337. From reports on their state of health before the flu, most of them had preexisting respiratory problems. For the average human being, N1H1 may well be the most benign form of influenza ever encountered.

Solely because of the WHO’s alarmism, millions and millions of people were placed in fear to the point they wore surgical masks in the streets, children were kept from school, and workplaces were interrupted. All this for a flu strain with a death count that would be statistically lost in random clutter; and it is still going on, still a pandemic, still with warnings to get a H1N1 flu shot.

Every death is traumatic to someone, but WHO causing all this unnecessary angst is unconscionable. Perhaps it is time for the United States to quit funding WHO. We are already paying enough for alarmism in the imaginary global warming arena; we do not need it for imaginary flu pandemics too.

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