The Obama Bubble

Anything important is never left to the vote of the people. We only get to vote on some man; we never get to vote on what he is to do.
Will Rogers-actor, humorist

In the last few years, we have been subjected to one bursting bubble after another. With the .com bubble, we learned that fortunes can not be made without producing anything. With the housing bubble, we learned that housing costs can not go up forever and only the government can save us. With the investment bubble, we learned that investments in worthless paper is financial suicide and only the government can save us. With the banking bubble, we learned that bad banking practices of the banks and lending institutions were causing them to fail and only the government can save us.

If you have been paying attention, you are probably aware of lesser knows bubbles which have already popped or are on the verge of popping. There is the car bubble, where designing and making cars no one wants can bankrupt automotive companies and only the government can save us. There is an insurance bubble, where health insurance rates keep going up and only the government can save us. There is the global warming bubble where the world is experiencing runaway warming and only the government can save us. There is the energy bubble, where the world is running out of carbon-based fuels and only the government can save us. There is the illegal alien bubble, where the governments’ failure to secure the borders has allowed multimillions of illegal aliens into the country and only the government can save us. There is the unemployment bubble where all the above bubbles have cost millions of jobs and only the government can save us.

You may have noticed a subtle trend interwoven in the above bubbles. Only the government can save us from the immediate end of life as we know it. If one were to wrap all the bubbles into one, it could be called the Obama Bubble; and it could be solved by an immediate change to Socialism, where the government dictates your life from birth to grave. Of course, this will not be cheap. It will require huge increases in the cost of energy, food, housing, healthcare, etc. Not to worry, it will not really cost anyone anything, except for the evil, nasty, wealthy company executives, bankers, car makers, utility companies, insurance companies, and the wealthy in general.

If you believe that, you too have been living in the Obama Bubble, a bubble that protects one from the evil influences of reality or common sense. A problem only arises when the bubble bursts (it is leaking from more and more holes every day), and we find that everything about the United States that was fine and good, the rugged individualism, the ability to rise to any level in society, earn any amount of money, live where and how one wants, is gone. It will be gone and it will take generations of debt, poverty and struggle to bring back, if it can be done at all.

Do not be too quick to enter the Obama Bubble. Use your common sense. Check reality against the Obama promises. Ask questions. Educate yourself. If, after you do that, you still think the Obama Bubble is where you want to be, is the way of the future for you and your following generations, then vote your conscience. If not, if you see dire consequences in the future, then vote to pop the Obama Bubble now, and bring reality back into focus.

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