Call to arms

The truth will set you free, but first it will make you miserable.
James A. Garfield-former President of the United States

I became interested in global warming probably five years ago and began spending some free time studying it. Science fascinates me, and the threat of a global warming tipping point, along with all the dire predictions, caught my attention. Because I am old as dirt, I remembered the same types of predictions back in the early 1970s; except then they were predicting a coming ice age. That dichotomy was enough for me to begin the researching that went into full gear after an injury forced me to retire almost three years ago.

Early in my research, I discovered that the Earth has been warming about .72 degrees per century since the last ice age. This is normal and of no concern, there is nothing we can do about it anyway. Only additional warming allegedly caused by manmade CO2 is of any concern.

However, when one looks at valid global warming information, the negative impact of manmade CO2 is hard to find. There are many references to damning information, but the actual information was not available. Although most of the ongoing global warming research is through government (taxpayer funded) grants, the institutions doing the research refused to release any of it, allegedly because of proprietary concerns. This makes no sense because taxpayer funded research belongs to the taxpayers.

I have not previously mentioned in this blog that my background is in law enforcement (thirty-seven years). Much like my fascination for science, I have a fascination for interview, interrogation, and truth determination in documents (the document section is a whole science unto itself Click Link). I have gone to every training class on those subjects I could get into, and I have read every book on them I could find. I personally know of only one man who is more knowledgeable. He was privileged to attend some of the more expensive training classes that I could not, but he generously loaned me his class handouts and notes. That man is my former Chief of Police, and he is an instructor and acknowledged expert in the field.

With my background, I quickly became suspicious of the global warming predictions. Because their data is shrouded in secrecy, they are unverifiable and unable to be duplicated, exactly the opposite of what any valid science is supposed to be. On top of that, every bit of information they do release was full of modifiers and weasel words indicating a very weak belief in their own statements or outright lies. On their sites, they allow no opposing views or questioning in the comments section.

On the other hand, on the sites of the global warming detractors, they not only display their data, but show in minute detail how it was manipulated, what the results were and how it was interpreted. Their comment sections were open to all and included lively debate between those who believed in global warming and those who did not (check the two most popular opposing sites and check the comments to see what I mean (Click here) (and here). Often, in the detractor camp, there are requests by those posting information for others to check for any mistakes.

I found it interesting that the believers in global warming can never point to any proof of manmade global warming except for computer climate models that only parrot their programming. There are twenty-some models with twenty-some wildly divergent predictions, and occasionally, by random chance, one of them is correct on some small prediction (even a blind hog finds an acorn once in a while). 99% of their predictions are wrong or can not be verified. When the models are run backward (into the past) the only way they can be forced to duplicate the historical weather is to include an unknown variable (in ever case they use aerosols) in the program to adjust it. Each different model had to use different amounts of the reflective aerosols in the atmosphere for it to fit the real world observations. Somehow that did not make me believe they are the epitome of accuracy.

For every proof of manmade global warming pulled from hidden-from-the-public data, there are several (often hundreds) of well-researched and documented, please-check-and-see-if-I-made-mistakes skeptical entries.

I now spend a minimum of two hours a day researching global warming on some twenty pro-and-con sites, which often lead me to new sites. Some days I spend many more hours than that.

I am still seeking the proof of manmade global warming. I am still seeking open and clear data files showing how some of the global warming scientists came up with their results. Due to the Freedom of Information Act, more and more pieces are slowly becoming available; the released data are not holding up so well to honest scrutiny. I am also still waiting for the confirmation of solid computer model predictions to appear real world observations in numbers that are more than random chance.

I started this because it was interesting. I continued because I enjoy watching how extreme the predictions have become, always with more and more weasel words to conceal uncertainty or lies, but please do not rely on what I believe I have found. Take an enjoyable hour and check out the two sites linked above. Do a little research, then contact your congresspersons and let them know how you think they should vote on the cap-and-trade bill . . . or the clean energy bill . . . or what ever it is being called today. If you think it will save the Earth, let them know. If you think it will bankrupt the United States for no reason, let them know. Just do not trust what you read in the mainstream media. Believe me; they are not doing what I just asked you to do.

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