Whoop, there it is!

Every unskilled illegal immigrant who enters the United States for work drives up healthcare costs for every American. And, every illegal immigrant we turn a blind eye toward weakens the rule of law our country is founded on.
Elton Gallegly-politician

Now we know why President Obama apposes to the Arizona illegal alien bill. It calls for the taking into custody (arresting sounds so much better) of illegal aliens, and turning them over to the federal authorities for deportation. Deportation is NO part of the Obama plan.

In the Presidents first speech on immigration yesterday, he says

Being an American is not a matter of blood or birth, it’s a matter of faith

He is now looking for a comprehensive immigration bill, which includes a path for citizenship for the countries 11 million(?) illegal aliens.

His message seems somewhat garbled because he also says

if you believe in yourself and you play by the rules, then there is a place for you in the United States of America

What about that “play by the rules” section? Most in the United States can certainly understand that. That is why there is not any real opposition to “legal” immigration; however, somewhere around 70% of the population is against illegal immigration and making citizens of those who came into the country illegally.

President Reagan gave immunity a chance. It did not work. It was perhaps the biggest mistake of his administration. 3 million were made citizens and it gave the impetus for somewhere around 20 million (not 11 million) to cross the border in their footsteps.

What to do? How about sealing the borders and every state following the Arizona plan. We might be surprised on how quickly those 11 or 20 million illegal aliens could be deported.

Then we could have a compressive immigration bill. It could say something like:
1) All persons seeking to become citizens of the United States will follow the immigration laws to enter the country.
2) All persons entering the country will pass through border entry points.
3) All persons entering the country will have a valid passport, visa, and/or work permit.
4) Anyone entering the country illegally will be immediately deported unless involved in another crime. If another crime is involved, they will be tried. If convicted they will serve their sentence and them be deported. If not convicted, they will be immediately deported.
5) Anyone entering or attempting to enter the country illegally a second time will be sentenced to two years in federal prison followed by immediate deportation.
6) A third attempt to enter the country illegally will result in a five-year sentence followed by immediate deportation.
7) Any subsequent attempts will result in a ten-year sentence followed by immediate deportation.
8) Attempting to smuggle illegal aliens into the country will result in a five-year sentence.
9) Aiding or abetting illegal aliens while they are in the country will result in a $10,000 fine for each alien for the first offence.
10) Subsequent convections for aiding or abetting illegal aliens will result in a $25,000 for each alien and one year in federal prison.
11) Employers hiring illegal aliens will be fined $10,000 for each alien for the first offence.
12) A second offence of an employer hiring illegal aliens will result in a $50,000 fine for each alien, two years in federal prison, and permanent loss of all business licenses.
13) Anyone entering the country with the intent to commit crimes of terror will receive life in a federal prison. If any act of terrorism causing a death, the sentence will be death.

Gee, that did not even require two thousand pages of unreadable legalese. It is simple enough that illegal aliens, those who would smuggle illegal aliens, and those who would hire them can understand it.

If President Obama’s idea of a comprehensive, and the one listed above, were both placed on a ballot, which one would garner the most votes?

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