What could be simpler?

Violent crime is a solved problem – all they have to do is repeal the laws that keep those intelligent, capable, and responsible men and women from arming themselves, and violent crime evaporates like dry ice on a hot summer day.
L. Neil Smith-writer

The second amendment of the Constitution squeaked by in a five to four decision of the Supreme Court yesterday. That is scary. There cannot be a less ambiguous amendment than the right of the public to be armed, yet four Supreme Court Justices fail to understand it.

When the second amendment is studied in its historical context, there is no doubt that the founding fathers thought every man should be armed if the need ever arose to protect himself, his family, his property, or to again to fight tyranny. There was no mention of using a firearm to hunt for food. That was understood. The Constitutional right to bear arms was to fight tyranny. There was no talk of the weapon being under a certain caliber. It was to be used against men who were trying to kill or enslave you.

Why is it that the Democrats are so afraid of an armed populace? Every great seizing of firearms in history was followed by a cleansing . . . a thinning of the herd . . . a removal of those opposed to an oppressive ruling party. Perhaps it would be simpler to stop trying to threaten, frighten or tax people into giving up their individual rights. Those individual rights are important. That is why they are guaranteed in that same Constitution, the one that four Supreme Court Justices cannot seem to understand.

Votes count. Who one votes for counts. Voting for charismatic populists with Socialist leanings counts. The appointments to the Supreme Court by charismatic populists with Socialist leanings count. The replacement of one Justice can change the game. It is like chess. One must think more than one move ahead. Each move has consequences.

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