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He never wants anything but what’s right and fair; only when you come to settle what’s right and fair, it’s everything that he wants and nothing that you want.
Thomas Hughes-judge

When I was a kid, there was an urban legend about a man who invented a carburetor, or an engine (take your pick), that would get 100 miles per gallon. According to the legend, the oil companies bought the patents on the carburetor/engine to keep it from ever being used; anything to keep the profits up. It was an urban legend. It never happened. The world is still desperately seeking the bit of technology that can double or triple present-day mileage, and if it existed, it would be marketed.

Everyone wants to do the right thing for the environment, especially car companies. As much as everyone would like a cheap, efficient replacement for oil, it has not yet been invented, and not all the beautiful wishes, dreams and happy thoughts in the world can not change this.

There is a way to lower the use of fossil fuels, and it will probably only cost somewhere between $7.00 to $10.00 to implement. Ah, that would be $7.00 to $10.00 per gallon of gasoline. This method of conservation is euphemistically called the Obama plan. It would work but could YOU afford it?

If you listened to Obama’s speech on the Gulf Coast oil leak, you may have noticed that he changed topics in mid-speech. Suddenly he was not talking about the oil leak; he was talking about the need for cap and tax (although he didn’t call it that, “Clean energy” is now chic, and as a bonus, by that name it hides what it really is). The cap and tax bill will do to your electric bill what the Obama plan would do to your gasoline price: conserve through higher prices, forcing a move to alternative power systems. There are real problems with alternative forms of energy. How does one save the planet by changing from an efficient from of power to alternate forms that are less efficient and cost much more?

Solar does not work at all during the night, is ineffective when cloudy, requires constant upkeep, has a service life of twenty years, is enormously expensive and requires a backup system (natural gas, coal, etc. for down time). No private solar company could presently exist without massive government subsidies.

Wind turbines do not work when the wind does not blow, they rarely (if ever) generate at capacity (average output world wide appears to be around 27% of copacity, 30% if one chooses to believe the supporters), require constant upkeep, have a service life of twenty years, are enormously expensive and require a backup system (natural gas, coal, etc. for down time). No private wind turbine company could presently exist without massive government subsidies.

A little something to think about, those massive government subsidies are paid with taxpayer dollars – from you. Those ineffective, part-time, non-carbon systems, because they are so expensive, produce electricity that is expensive. Not to worry, that cost will be passed on to the user – that would be you.

Of course, the cost of manufacturing everything will go up because of the increased fuel and electricity costs, but the manufacturers will be okay. They will pass the cost on to – oh oh, it’s you again.

Then there are those backup systems for when the sun isn’t shining and the wind isn’t blowing. Because of the nature of the beast, these backup systems will be used a lot, most of the time actually. They must be manned and maintained at all times, because without them there will constantly be blackouts. The cost of maintaining those backup systems, the ones that are the primary systems now, will be paid by — oh my, it is you again.

The good part of cap and tax (clean power), according to the government, is it will cost less than a postage stamp a day. Heck, anyone can afford that, though you might be beginning to wonder how all that can be done with the extreme cost of alternative power. Easy, the government is not talking about alternative power. They are talking about capping CO2 emissions. That means the carbon-based utilities are going to capture, contain and store their CO2. Doing this, if it can be done (the technology is in its infancy), will be very expensive. Oh, and by the way, even the governments own scientists admit that cap and tax would have zero effect on the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. The taxpayer will be paying for something that does not work – no matter, we are getting used to that.

Yep, Obama’s Grand Plan will work on cutting fuel consumption, but you might not be. America’s manufacturing will become so expensive it will not be able to compete with China or India, so it will move to China or India; you may be able to keep your job if you are willing to relocate.

If you are not in manufacturing, will you be able to afford to drive to work? You could always take public transportation, of course with fuel prices being what they are, the prices will go up. And if no one can afford to drive, public transportation will have a monopoly, cost will really go up – never waste a good disaster. Oh yeah, those public transportation services are government subsidized with taxpayer money. You will buy your ticket twice, once through tax dollars and once at the ticket window. Such a deal.

Well, don’t worry. It will only cost you the amount of a postage stamp a day. Trust me.

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