Are you smarter than a “4th” grader?

Ignorance is never better than knowledge.
Enrico Fermi-physicist

Julisa Castillo has been named junior division champion for the 2010 National Science Fair. (Link) (and link). Her project, selected from more than 50,000 other projects, took the top honors. The title of her winning project: Disproving Global Warming.

Holy mother of God! How could this happen? My hat is off to the R.A. Hall Elementary School in Beeville, Texas. This must be the most conservative school district in the United States. Two years ago, a child even contemplating such a project might have faced removal from the home while the parents were sent to a re-indoctrination camp.

But wait, it gets better. One of the judges was Al Gore. Al was probably afraid to vote against her because she might challenge him to a debate right then and there, where he wouldn’t have been able to the out of it.

Little Jusila, using online data from Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the National Weather Service, along with books from her local library, researched the temperature around Beeville for the past 109 years. Her conclusion: the temperatures rose and fell several times several times throughout the years, and are now cooling. “There is not enough evidence to prove that global warming is occurring.

Jusila is a fourth grader for goodness sakes. A fourth grader! Yet, she had no problem finding a lack of evidence for warming in her area of south Texas. That is the same thing hundreds of other people, from all over the world, are finding out, when they go to “unadjusted” source temperature records, and do their own research.

Global warming does still exist. One just has to go to the right places to find it. It is there to see in the Gottert Institute of Space Studies (GISS) where over 5,000 weather stations from rural areas and northern latitudes (you know, the cooler areas away from the urban heat island affect) have been dropped. It exists in the Climate Research Unit (CRU) where they lost all their original data and the notes on how they manipulated the data—they fear it can never be replicated (isn’t that what science is all about, replicating experiments?). Oh yeah, global warming also exists in twenty-some computer models that have yet to be able to make a viable protection.

A fourth grader can figure it out. Are you as smart as a fourth grader?


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    • I always strive to be honest with my multitude of readers (ah, to be honest, “multitude” isn’t exactly true) there appears to be some doubt whether or not our little genius really won the science award.

      The WordPress fact checker (I didn’t know they had one, but isn’t it great) says the story is a fraud; however, when I check out all the links the fact checker sent along, there appears to be a raging debate on whether it is true or not. Some are saying they have verified it, and some are saying it is a fraud.

      I’m not going to spend much time on trying to verify it at this late date. I made my post and will allow it to exist in its honesty or its shame. The links are in the fact checker comment if any of my multitude want to follow the threads hither and yon. It is enough for me that debate is raging. I love a great debate.

  1. It’s true the story hit the Beeville newspaper. The facts don’t check out. NSF doesn’t sponsor a science fair, and there’s no national prize. The more famous Intel international science and engineering fair doesn’t have a junior division. Etc., etc.

    Probably the most thorough and accurate description is here:
    And here:

    It’s also the most depressing. Who is taking this poor little girl for a ride, and why?

  2. Now we know: A father overzealously, and probably unwisely trying to salve his daughter’s sorrow at not placing in the competition. Kudos to him for feeling her pain; kudos to him for making a painful confession. Let’s hope she stays curious.

    Kick in the rear to warming “skeptics,” who assumed this fourth grader’s work would save their failing case, because they have no other data.

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