The world is saved

From its brilliancy everything is illuminated.
Guru Nanak–philosopher

An interesting article, Link, has been posted about a “successful” solar/thermal power generator in the Sahara Desert. The technology is amazing, and the thing actually works. The world is saved.

Well, maybe not completely saved. This power plant is a prototype of what they hope will be powering most of Europe in the future. There are still a few small details to be worked out.

This original plant takes up about 60 acres and generates enough electricity for about 10,000 households. That is darn good for only 60 acres. Still, there is the problem of getting the electricity from the African Sahara to those needy households. It may cost a teensy little extra to build the grid.

Oh yes, then there is the problem of those non-environmentally-correct users who actually want lights, television, heating and cooling during the hours of darkness. Solar does not work too well during the night. I guess carbon fuels will still be needed 50% of the time, but hey, it is an improvement.

One more thing, the power plant is enormously expensive. To build enough plants to produce what would be needed for Europe will cost nearly half a trillion dollars, many times what coal, natural gas, or nuclear power plants would cost. That is no problem though. Those Europeans have plenty of money; just take a look at Greece. They probably cannot wait to kick in for their share, especially when they are saving the planet from the specter of CO2. It is worth it, the world will be saved.

No, wait! Nuclear power does not put out any CO2, costs much, much less and works 24 hours a day. Hum. I wonder why they would consider opting for something much more expensive than nuclear and only works half the time?

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