Integrity, a completely new concept for Obama.

Loyalty to the country always. Loyalty to the government when it deserves it.
Mark Twain–author

In the run up to the primary races, Democrat Representative Joe Sestak quickly became a threat to Democrat, turned Republican, turned Democrat, Senator Arlen Specter in the Pennsylvania senatorial primary. Because President Obama had so publically praised Senator Specter after his last transformation back into a Democrat, Rep. Sestak was offered a “job opportunity” if he would bow out of the primary. One could assume that this would be standard tactic from an Illinois politician, but this time something went horribly wrong.

Joe Sestak is a former Navy Admiral. He refused to withdraw from the primary; instead, he dared to pit his record against Spector’s.

Even with the entire weight of the President’s administration against him, Sestak won the primary. He will now face a Republican in the national election in November.

This has to be an entirely new situation for President Obama; this upstart, nobody of a state representative, refusing to bow to the wishes of the supreme leader appears to be unprecedented. In Sestak, Obama ran into something he had never faced before: integrity.

Obama never encountered integrity as a neighborhood organizer working with ACORN. It was not something he stumbled across while working with the Illinois governors, either the one under indictment or the one already in prison. It has not been visible while working with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi or Senate Majority Leader Harry Reed. No integrity was involved during the appointing of the Czars.

Could it be, is this the first time President Obama has ever encountered integrity? Is it the first time he has run into someone who actually meant what they said when they took their oath of office?

It is easy to visualize Obama’s legal team digging through the dictionary to find out what “integrity” means. They do not know whether there are additional meanings they can use to their advantage. They may think can find a loophole that can change its meaning; but there are no loopholes. Integrity means integrity; by definition, it cannot be suborned. It would be interesting if the Obama Administration had to learn to live in the presence of integrity, if only until 2012.

Come November, the Pennsylvania voters may have a win/win situation. Either they can elect a Republican who will vote against the elitist Democrat agenda 95% of the time, or they can elect Sestak, whose integrity may confound and confuse the president even more. It is always difficult the first time one runs into an unknown quality.

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