Catch and release

Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly, while bad people will find a way around the laws.

Is it possible that federal conservation programs can be joined with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) enforcement of the present immigration law? With the government facing the pressure from Arizona Bill 1070 to either put up or shut up, a merger of the conservation programs with ICE might be a viable answer.

Anyone who bothered the read the bill (I did, see Link), now knows that the only thing it does is authorize local authorities to enforce the present FEDERAL law, something that the last few Presidents have not wanted to do for some reason.

(As an aside, that was the reason I had to hold my nose when I voted for “give them amnesty” McCain. Now that his Senate seat in jeopardy, 63% of the Arizona population is behind Bill 1070, and 72% of the population is against amnesty, he has decided that Arizona’s bill is a step in the right direction, but it is not written the way he would have written it. Probably a good thing).

Arizona Bill 1070 requires the strict enforcement of the FEDERAL law. Any illegal aliens (I refuse to call them illegal immigrants) encountered during the day to day business of law enforcement or other government entities requires detention and subsequent transfer of custody to either ICE or the Border Patrol for disposition according to FEDERAL law. However, if the illegal alien was involved in additional crime(s), the release to ICE or the Border Patrol will wait until the case is adjudicated and any sentence is served.

By the way, law enforcement officers will not be protected from civil prosecution if they abuse enforcement of the law, i.e. racial profiling. The individual officers will be paying any penalties from ACLU civil suits. Not much incentive to profile there, is there?

The portion of the bill covering those who would hire illegal aliens is somewhat weaker. It does not allow criminal prosecution, fining or jailing offenders. All that can be done is the pulling of their business licenses after a warning. I believe this also mirrors the FEDERAL law. (I have read the 700+ pages of the FEDERAL law and cannot make sense out of much of it. It constantly makes circular references to other sections of the bill, which do not seem to apply — much like the healthcare bill).

Still, joining ICE with the federal conservation programs may solve the problem. They could create a program where Arizona officials turn illegal aliens over to ICE who then takes them out of Arizona and releases them back to the wild in another state, just like the relocation of nuisance deer in the metropolitan areas.

Hey, it is a win, win situation. Arizona gets rid of the illegal aliens and Obama can keep them in the United States until he can make them citizens. Keep a watch on the federal sites for a program where states, other than Arizona, can sign up and list how many additional illegal aliens they can take in. I’m sure some tax breaks or additional funding will sweeten the deal.

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