Don’t lose the farm

It is not the function of the government to keep the citizen from falling into error; it is the function of the citizen to keep the government from falling into error.
Robert Jackson-statesman

While growing up on a Midwest farm, I road a bus to high school. On the bus with me were other farm kids, most of them from farms that had been in their families for generations. These were kids who knew what they were going to do when they grew up: farm.

Upon graduation from high school, I moved away and went into the military. One of the bus kids from a wealthier farm went to college to study agronomy and agriculture. He was to be the future of the family farm.

At our 10th year graduation party, I learned how the cream-of-the-crop farmer had faired after four years of college focusing on agronomy. The agronomist was not at the party, but some of my friends had been in touch with him over the years, and they were talking about him.

After graduation from college, he went back to the farm. Things had not been going well while he was acquiring his education. The farm was intact, but in debt and barely squeaking by. It was not producing near what his education told him was possible. The problem was in the old equipment on the farm. It just could not cultivate enough acres to increase the grain output that was theoretically possible: more acres cultivated equaled more income.

He immediately set about to rectify the situation. He purchased new tractors, plows, planters and combines. Because there was not enough money on hand to do this, and the equipment was extremely expensive, they had to mortgage the farm. The farm could not produce enough to pay off the new equipment and the mortgage. Within six years, they lost the farm that had been in the family for generations.

A couple of things lead up to losing the farm. An old adage says that one needs to spend money to make money; however, not everyone realizes that it is necessary to have the money to spend. If it is necessary to go deep into debt to get out of debt, there is an obvious disconnect in the line of reasoning. Perhaps a better adage would have been: you cannot spend your way out of poverty.

This is the lesson the Obama Administration has yet to learn. When one takes money people do not have, to pay for something they do not want, there is a disconnect in the line of reasoning. When it takes money from the public, to save private companies from their own folly, there is a disconnect in the line of reasoning. Placing the entire population on the road to poverty, to save a few from the effects of their self-imposed poverty, indicates a disconnect in the line of reasoning (I think it is called Socialism). We can only hope there will be a return to rational thought before we lose the farm.

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