All is fair

Certainty? In this world nothing is certain but death and taxes.
Benjamin Franklin

The United States is a “fair” country. We want to be fair. Everyone is to be treated equally . . . really?

The Constitution guarantees “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” That is indeed a wonderful thing, but it comes with some sacrifice. The big one everyone is talking about now is taxes. Are taxes evil? If so, they are a necessary evil, because to guarantee life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, some costs are involved. Probably the greatest comes from supporting the military.

The United States requires protection from those who would cause it harm. That is especially true now when Islamic extremists want us dead. For the peaceniks out there, Islamic extremists don’t want to love us, they don’t want peace with us, they don’t want to negotiate with us; they want us dead. Our death is the sole solution to their hate for us. Rest assured that if the United States had not taken the battle to them after the twin towers attack, we would be battling them here, and the battle here would be in the form of bombed schools, shopping malls and hospitals. It’s terror, designed to terrorize the masses.

Yes, it costs a lot to maintain the military: billions and billions a year, and all those billions come from tax money. Well, Americans are fair. We all pay our fair share of income taxes . . . well, except for the 52 million (36% of all filers, including families of four earning up to $52,000 a year) who paid no income tax according to the 2008 IRA data. Not to worry; the top 10% of tax payers paid 80% of the tax bill, and the middle class (presumably those families making more than $52,000 a year) picked up that last 20%.

Whoa, that’s not fair at all; but wait, it gets worse. Most of those 52 million non tax payers receive money, money they never paid in, back as some form of a gift. While it is certainly great for the recipients, it certainly isn’t great for those who did pay in. If the United States military establishment protects us all, why don’t we all have to pay for that protection? Doesn’t seem fair does it.

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